Are you enjoying the blog so far?

Found answers to your pest questions and now you’re curious about who I am?

Well, I’m Monique.

I’ve had gardens for over two decades, growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, and now a whole lot of aloes. I wanted to start an aloe farm but then I had a baby and things got put on hold – aloes are sharp and prickly, and they aren’t exactly “baby friendly”.

I love spending time outside in the garden with my son. And when he’s sleeping, I’m on here sharing everything I know and what I learn along the way.

A photo of me with my son, who loves spending time in the garden with me.

I’ve been writing on Backyard Pests for over 2 years. The more I work on this site, the more fascinated I become with the wonderful world of pests. In fact, I completed my certificate in Bugs 101: Insect-Human Interactions from the University of Alberta because I wanted to learn more about the subject, including integrated pest management, biology, pollination, sustainability, and conservation.

I’m also a member of the Citizen Science Association, which “unites expertise from educators, scientists, data managers, and others to … involve the public in scientific research”.

I hope you spend some time looking around and enjoy your time here with me.